TATE Collection

Discover the perfect gifts for art enthusiasts with these themed limited-edition sets created with TATE and inspired by celebrated American painter John Singer Sargent. Singer Sargent was not only a masterful painter of portraits and landscapes, but also a devoted user of Winsor & Newton products. 


For portrait artists, the John Singer Sargent Drawing set contains Fineliners, and sketching and coloured pencils. Those interested in the intersection of art and fashion can explore Sargent’s techniques with the Oil Paint set. Prompted by Sargent’s seasonal en plein air expeditions, for painters there is the Watercolour set, featuring Promarker and Promarker Watercolours. Each sustainably packaged set also includes brushes, paper and an exclusive guide that invites artists on a creative journey influenced by Singer Sargent’s own.

This year marks our third consecutive collaboration with TATE.

TATE Collection: How-tos

Each set comes with a detailed step-by-step guide. These tutorials are designed to help you explore each artist’s specific way of working. They are perfect for creative souls who love to learn new techniques and express themselves.