2024 Watercolour Contest


Competition Entries Are Now Closed!

Many thanks to all the artists who participated and challenged themselves with passion and creativity!

Our jury, comprising members from Winsor & Newton as well as watercolour artists, has evaluate the submissions. Their expertise ensures a fair and thorough assessment of all the works.

Here are the results for every country

The three winners for Germany, Austria and Switzerland are:

1- Sabrina Wohlfeil – “Bridgerton”

2- Anja – “Flamingo”

3- Mara Fribus – Noble Knight

The three winners for Sweden are:

1- Tilda Bredeling – “A dance on roses”

2- Charlotta Blomgren

3- Madeleine Swanström

The three winners for Netherlands are:

1- Jacky

2- Milou van der Pluijm

3- Polina

The three winners for Poland are:

1- bk_artpl

2- Jadwiga Loszak

3- Katarzyna Zakrzewska

The three winners for Romania are:

1- Alexandra Lobodan

2- Nicolaescu Nicoleta

3- Patricia B.

The three winners for Czech Republic are:

1- Martina Valihrachova – “Foggy Prague”

2- Katsiaryna – “Sweet dreams”

3- Tanya

The big European winner is Italian:

Francesca Pracilio

We will contact each winner directly with details of their rewards 🎁

👏Thank you to all the contestants who created such wonderful and creative works exploring the 6 colors of the 2024 palette!

See you in 2025 for our next contest!


How to participate?

Submit a watercolour painting on paper between 15 April to 30 June, using only the palette of 6 colours proposed for the 2024 edition. The use of all colours is not mandatory. The palette consists of a mixture of historical and modern colours to be discovered or re-experienced in the palette.

IMPORTANT: paintings containing colours other than those in the selected 6-colour palette will not be accepted.

EXCEPTION: The use of titanium white (644) is permitted for mixing, as are graphite pencils. You may submit up to 5 artworks.

Please check the conditions of participation and the information on the flyer for your country:


The Jury, composed of a Winsor & Newton team and artists, will evaluate the submissions according to quality, originality, style, creativity and technical use of the colours in the selected palette. The jury's decision will be announced on Monday 15 July 2024.

Up for grabs for the 3 winners:

  • 1st Prize: assortment* worth 700 Euros
  • 2nd Prize : assortment* worth 500 Euros
  • 3rd Prize : assortment* worth 300 Euros

*Assortment of watercolour materials: paints, brushes and paper from the Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour range

In addition, one overall winner will be selected from all the winners from the European countries taking part in the competition to receive a unique prize: the iconic Series 7 brush with engraved name!

Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other products.

The colours of the 2024 Edition

Behind each of the 108 colours that make up our extra-fine range, there is a wealth of history and innovation. Discover below the stories and characteristics of the 6 Professional Watercolours selected for the palette of the 2024 edition of our competition, all colours to be discovered or rediscovered. Choose your favourite colours and enter our competition!

Lemon Yellow Deep

Monopigment PY159 - Semi-opaque - Granulating - Extremely permanent (AA)

An intense lemon yellow with a delicate, warm tone. With its natural grainy character, it allows for added texture when mixed with other colours. In particular, it allows for beautiful tones when mixed with Manganese Blue or Pink Garanza.

(Colour code 348)

Cobalt Violet

Monopigment PV14 - Semi-transparent - Granulating - Extremely stable (AA)

Cobalt Violet is a naturally super-graining pigment with a delicate pink hue. A synthetic pigment first introduced in 1859, it was used by famous artists such as Monet and Seurat. A single pigment, it is an ideal colour for blending.

(Colour code 192)

Cobalt Turquoise

Pigments PB28/PB36 - Semi-opaque - Granulating - Extremely permanent (AA)

A blend of modern blue and green pigments, Cobalt Turquoise is vibrant and luminous and allows you to create beautiful shades of greens, turquoises and purples. It is ideal for painting landscapes and creating shades of foliage. Like Cobalt Green, this colour is difficult to achieve through mixing.

(Colour code 190)

Terre Verte

Pigments PG23/PB28 - Semi-transparent - Granulating - Extremely permanent

A delicate transparent green found in frescoes and early Italian paintings. It was also known as Verona Green, as it was mined near Verona. It is ideal for skin tones: it adds cool tints to layers of warm reds and yellows, making the complexion more realistic. Used with red, it makes for magnificent greys.

(Colour code 637)

Magnesium Brown

Monopigment PY119 - Opaque - Granulating - Extremely stable (AA)

A moderately dark iron-zinc oxide that offers a unique caramel brown hue. More yellow than Burnt Sienna but warmer than an ochre, it offers a beautiful warm granulation. It is distinguished by its very grainy texture that emphasises the beauty of the pigment.

(Colour code 381)

Venitian Red

Monopigment PR101 - Opaque - Staining - Extremely permanent (AA)

Venetian Red is a deep, earthy red named after the quarry near Venice from which the painter Titian sourced his earthy reds. It is a synthetic red based on iron oxide, which gives it greater uniformity of colour and texture. It is a rich, opaque red in contrast to Light Red (362), which is more yellow, and Indian Red (317), which is more blue.

(Colour code 678)

Professional Watercolour

In 1835, William Winsor and Henry Newton introduced the world's first liquid watercolours, and since then, our Professional Watercolour range has continued to be formulated and manufactured according to our founding principles: to create a range of inimitable watercolours that offer artists the widest and most balanced choice of modern and traditional pigments with exceptional permanence. By remaining true to these principles, we achieve unparalleled brilliance, transparency and purity of colour.