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Quinacridone Magenta

Spotlight on: Quinacridone Magenta

“Magenta” was a violet red aniline dye first produced in 1859.  Originally called fuchsine by the French Chemist François-Emmanuel Verguin who made and patented the dye, it was later renamed to…
Published 24/09/20
winsor orange colour

Spotlight on: Winsor Orange

Winsor Orange is a single pigment orange, created to be a bold and vibrant orange for artists. Whilst making orange can be done easily by mixing red and yellow, variations can occur if proportions differ, so you can turn to Winsor Orange when you need consistency.
Published 11/08/20

Spotlight on: Phthalo Green

Explore the versatility of phthalo green, a pigment that produces everything from transparent, subtle colours to opaque and brilliant ones.
Published 16/04/20

The voyage of Iron Oxide

Iron oxide is one of the oldest colours used by mankind. Discover the links between the pigments artists rely on and the creation of Earth itself.
Published 13/12/19

Spotlight on: Indian Yellow

Uncover the mysterious past of Indian yellow, a colour with a luminescence that won it devotees including Vermeer, Turner and Van Gogh.
Published 09/12/19

Spotlight on: Manganese Blue

Once used to tint cement for swimming pools, manganese blue soon became popular with artists. Find out more about this punchy azure.
Published 15/11/19

Spotlight on cerulean blue

Bright and opaque, cerulean blue is invaluable to artists. Find out why painters including Monet and Signac prized this beautiful sky blue.
Published 17/10/19

Spotlight on: Emerald Green

Discover the troubled history of emerald green, and learn about Winsor & Newton’s non-toxic, brilliant blue-green replacement, Winsor Emerald.
Published 17/09/19

Spotlight on: Pinks

Explore the subtle power of pink in art, from the delicate garments of Early Renaissance religious paintings to Picasso's "Rose Period".
Published 15/08/19

Spotlight on Prussian blue

Created by happy accident, Prussian blue was used by artists including Monet, Constable and Lowry. Learn more about this celebrated colour.
Published 18/07/19

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