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Painting techniques for packaging design using Gouache

Jessie Bayliss is a UK based illustrator and lettering artist who specialises in nostalgic, botanical illustration and Victorian style calligraphy. In this video Jessie shares painting techniques use on packaging design using Designers Gouache.    
Video Transcript  Hi, I’m Jessie, a UK based illustrator and lettering artist, specialising in nostalgic, botanical illustration and Victorian style lettering. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with wonderful clients across luxury British food and drink brands. Today I’d like to show you some painting techniques for a Jasmine Loose Tea packaging design project. I’m working with Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache, Graphite Pencils and a selection of Round Professional Watercolour brushes. I like to a use Winsor and Newton A4 gummed watercolour paper, as this is great for fitting in the scanner when producing commercial work for clients. I’m sketching out some rough Jasmine flowers and foliage using Winsor & Newton graphite pencils, keep in mind the end shape of the space where the pattern is going to sit. I love the milky texture of Gouache, it’s great for nostalgic style packaging design. I tend to put down a substantial amount of Zinc White Gouache on the palette first as most of the overall colour palette will be pastel. I’m just adding a small blob of Primary Red and Spectrum Red. And then Ultramarine, Permanent Green Middle, Yellow Ochre and Permanent Yellow Deep. Keep in mind that Gouache goes far further than watercolour and dries quite quickly - so you only need a pea sized amount of each colour! I’m mixing Permanent Yellow Deep with Primary Red and Zinc White to make a warm pink for the flowers. Using a size 1 round watercolour brush I’m laying down the pink petals, quite roughly.  I like to vary the brush dryness as it creates a nice texture. Now I’m mixing the Permanent Green Middle, with a touch of Ultramarine and a little Yellow Ochre, adding Zinc White until it’s a nice earthy sage colour. Using a size 1 round brush I’m colouring the leaves and stem. And with a lighter green adding some detail to the leaves. With Yellow Ochre, a little Primary Red and Zinc White I’m adding detail to the middle of the flowers. And adding the little yellow dots. For the typography I’ve outlined the word ‘Jasmine’ in graphite pencil in preparation for adding the colour. I like to use pure Zinc White on a dry brush to paint the highlights and bring the flowers to life. When the gouache is touch dry, around 5 to 10 minutes, I’m adding loose brush strokes with  Ivory Black Gouache. I’m using zinc white to add some final highlights to the packaging design. Finally, I’m removing the pencil lines with an eraser so that the design can be scanned and prepared for artwork. I hope you enjoyed this video.

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