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Exploring Cerulean Blue

Exploring Cerulean Blue demonstrates the qualities of this colour; it is semi-opaque, bright and stable. Stability is important to artists and Cerulean Blue is reliable, it does not react to light or chemicals. Shown here with Cadmium Green Pale, Indigo and Titanium White, the versatility of Cerulean Blue comes through as the range of tonal qualities are demonstrated in these mixtures. It is shown here becoming more opaque to more transparent when mixed with these colours, whilst always retaining the brightness it is known for.

Video Transcript
0:06    Hello, today I'd like to demonstrate Cerulean Blue, one of my favourite colours from the Artists’ Oil Colour range. Here is a sample from our archive. And this is a modern sample of the Cerulean Blue we use today. Cerulean blue is semi opaque and bright, due to its highly refractive particles, but it doesn't react to light or chemicals, which makes it permanent and reliable - invaluable for artists.

0:32    Now I'm going to show you the range of tonal values you can find with Cerulean Blue when mixed with these other colours; Cadmium Green Pale, Indigo and Titanium white. I’m going to add a medium I use in my studio. The recipe is one part cold-pressed linseed oil, two three parts Sansodor, a low odour solvent.

1:02    Here is Cerulean Blue on it’s own. Now I'm going to mix it with an amount of Cadmium Green Pale. This is a colour with strong tinting qualities. As you can see, it's a great choice for increasing the opacity of Cerulean blue, and you can create a dramatic shift in the colour depending on how little or how much you add of course.

1:29    Now I'm going to add Indigo, a transparent blue, which will impact both the colour and opacity, making the new colour less opaque. Indigo is a great addition to your palette. It mixes well with other blues to create subtle changes. Finally, by adding an opaque Titanium White, you will clearly increase the opacity of the colour while retaining Cerulean Blues’ brightness.

I hope you enjoy exploring the range of tones that can be achieved with Cerulean Blue!