Graphite & Charcoal Pencils

High-quality graphite and charcoal pencils perfect for spontaneous sketching, and capturing movement.

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Versatile graphite pencils for expressive sketching and drawing

Create everything from beautifully fine-detailed drawings to spontaneous, expressive sketches with these versatile, high-quality pencils. Ideal for capturing movement or inspiration on the go. The classic charcoal and graphite pencils included in the Studio Collection range blend easily to create evocative shading, making them ideal to create life drawings and still life pieces while on the go, at home, or in the studio.


Break-resistant cores and points

Studio Collection pencils have high quality binders in the lead so they will not break easily under pressure, even when dropped.

perfect for blending and shading

The graphite and charcoal pencils come in a range of hardness levels, perfect for capturing dark or delicate tones, for blending shading and fine detail.

Sustainably grown

Made with sustainably grown, easy-to-sharpen, aromatic cedar wood.