Create an interior rendering with perspective


Interior designer artist and architect Yana Hrachova talks us through how to create an intricate interior. We’ve suggested materials below but don’t be afraid to mix up the objects and colours to recreate a room of your choice. 

You’ll need: 


Begin by sketching the interior space using a graphite pencil. Use a ruler or straight edge to draw accurate perspective lines. 

Once your pencil sketch is complete, begin applying watercolour washes to the walls, parquet floor, and ceiling. In this artwork, Yana has used Payne’s Gray and Raw Umber. Work from the back of the room to the front and use a dry brush technique to blend the colours together. 

Next, add details such as furniture, fixtures and accessories using a varied palette of watercolour paints. Use a small brush and build up the layers of paint to create depth and texture. 

Finally, once the watercolour paint is dry, use a 0.1 sized Fineliner to add any details such as shadows or highlights. Try outlining the furniture and décor. Add details to the bricks and parquet boards. 

Remember, watercolours are transparent, however, you can build up layers of paint to create depth and texture. Give yourself permission to experiment with different materials, (such as Promarker Watercolour) and find what works best for you. 

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