Partnerships & Collaborations

Winsor & Newton X QUEERCIRCLE

As part of our commitment to supporting artists, we're excited to announce a collaboration with QUEERCIRCLE, an LGBTQ+ charity working at the intersection of arts, culture and social action. Their mission is to provide a holistic environment which celebrates queer identity and champions arts and culture.

Winsor & Newton X The Symposium

In celebration of International Colour Day, World Poetry Day and World Pigment Day, we're delighted to introduce Colour & Poetry: A Symposium IV. This cross- and inter-disciplinary three-day virtual event will be held by the Slade School of Fine Art and supported by Winsor & Newton.

More like this

We’re proud to partner with like-minded organisations, initiatives, and brands to provide opportunities for our community of artists. View our recent collaborations with The Drawing Factory and The Metropolitan Museum of Art and more below.


Our Featured Artists

Meet creatives in Our Featured Artist interview series. We discover the inspiration behind the work of fine artists, illustrators, mural painters and graphic designers as well as the materials and techniques they use and the tips they have for artists starting out.

Eudes Correira

The Moment When…

Every artist’s journey with watercolours is made up of challenging moments, inspiring moments, and breakthrough moments. Through a series of intimate films, we connected with watercolour artists to hear how different moments influence and impact their unique journeys.