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Featured Artist: Karen Kluglein

Can you tell us a bit about your background and your practice? I was born into an artistic household—my mother was a watercolourist, and my father was a woodworker. I…

Colour story: Ultramarine

Often referred to as ‘true blue’, the brilliant deep-blue Ultramarine pigment is beloved by artists on its own or as a valuable mixing colour. Its name derives from the combination…

Featured Artist: Nicki Traikos

Nicki Traikos has been an artist at heart her entire life. The mediums may have changed greatly over the years, but the goal has always been the same - to…

Featured Artist: Per Adolfsen

Per Adolfsen is an expressionist who left his studio three years ago when he decided to solely draw directly from nature. Influenced by artists such as Edvard Munch, Adolfsen creates emotive, dreamlike pieces in coloured pencil and crayon.

Featured Artist: Alanna Hernandez

Alanna Hernandez is a self-taught artist known for her coloured pencil and wax pastel works. Her pieces explore the body and human relationships through flowing ribbon-like forms.

Winsor & Newton hosts Liberty Fabrics

Textile designers influence our surroundings in quietly impactful ways. These artists are the unsung heroes who help us make a house a home or bring fashion designs to life. Arguably…

Featured Artist: Jane Hunt

We speak with Jane Hunt about her practice, from the importance of painting en plain air to how she strives to help others through her teaching.

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