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Keep the creativity flowing with these perfect gift ideas

Watercolour sets

From portable pocket sets for budding artists to a Field Box containing our highest quality pigments and accessoriesthere’s a perfect gift for every artist.

Sketching & Drawing sets

From essential pencil sets to our ultimate collection of 96 Promarkers, our world-class range of graphic art materials inspire everyone from illustrators and designers to curious doodlers.

Acrylic sets

Popular for its quick-drying properties, our acrylic sets come in our Professional or Galeria range. They’re ideal for anyone who wants to experiment with paint easily.

Oil sets

Our oil colours are optimised to give the highest quality results. Experiment using Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour or discover our highest quality pigments in our Artists’ Oil Colour sets.

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Ink sets

Our beautifully packaged collection packs are a staple for any drawing or calligraphy enthusiast. Good luck resisting the urge to collect all 26 colours!

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