Sketching & Drawing Paper

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For all kinds of drawing techniques

Wide range of archival, acid-free cartridge paper for all types of drawing.

Internally and externally sized to ensure long term stability for repeated working and erasing. Paper holds dense marks and cleanly lifts when using an eraser.

Get the best possible result from your drawings

Available in different weights and formats for greater variety of choice: ·gummed and spiral pads in 150 g/m2 ideal for sketching, studies and lighter applications ·gummed and spiral pads, sheets and rolls in 220 g/m2 heavyweight designed to withstand repeated working and clean erasing

Suitable and versatile for a range of different types dry media

Two textures available: medium surface: fine tooth versatile for pencil, charcoal, graphite, pastel and blending pencils. Smooth surface: versatile also for pen and ink fine lines.

Portable sketch pads ideal for quick studies in studio or on-the-go

Made with medium, textured-surface, cartridge paper, these spiral pads are ideal for sketching and drawing with all dry techniques. They open perfectly flat and include easy to remove micro-perforated sheets that can be used in both sides.

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