Cotman Watercolour

Accessible but uncompromising on quality with good tinting strength. Available in 48 colours.

Discover our Cotman Metallic Watercolours

Achieve shimmering washes, glittering highlights and iridescent effects with our eight metallic colours, also available in two sets.

Cotman Watercolour Sets

Sets containing high quality watercolours made from fine art pigments for good tinting strength. There are sets available for new users through to experienced watercolourists.  Ranging from a set of 6 through to our popular Studio Set containing the entire range of 40 Cotman colours.

100% recycled plastic

As part of our ongoing sustainability journey as a B Corp certified brand, we’re transitioning the packaging of our Watercolour Sets to 100% recycled plastic. All new boxes are white, including the Field set which was previously blue, but the contents remain unchanged.


Fine Art Pigments

Cotman Watercolours uses fine art pigments with reduced pigment load than the Professional Watercolour range, making them an accessible choice while still uncompromising on quality.

Ideal Transparency

Formulated to create uniform consistency, the transparent quality of Cotman Watercolours are perfect for new users.

Lightfast and Permanent

Rated AA and A for Excellent and Good lightfastness, Cotman Watercolour gives artist the reassurance expected from a quality watercolour range.

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