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Observe the creative process of Janet Currier as she starts with small watercolour experiments at her desk and scales up her work, using the walls and floor of her studio. Through this, she demonstrates that Winsor & Newton watercolours are not limited to smaller artworks but can also be effective in producing large-scale washes and backgrounds.

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Camille Chastang is a French artist who challenges artistic hierarchy through her love for drawing and painting using watercolours, inks and Promarker. Her belief in the importance of sketchbooks and her passion for creating contrasts in her work has led her from working in small-scale outside cafes to scaling things up to producing murals. She still uses the Winsor & Newton watercolour set she was gifted as a child.

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Five Winsor & Newton watercolour innovations throughout history

From creating watercolour sets that allowed artists to work out in the field to making the medium accessible to amateur artists, we explore five of Winsor & Newton’s key contributions to watercolour painting and their lasting impact.

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Colour stories from the Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour range

There is an abundance of history and innovation behind every one of the 109 colour pigments that make up Winsor & Newton’s Professional Watercolour range. We’ve picked out five iconic colours from the collection that span the colour spectrum.

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