Oil Painting Mediums

To complement our oil colour ranges we offer oils, mediums, solvents and varnishes to control, enhance and protect your work.

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Alter or enhance the characteristics of oil colours

Choosing complementary oils, solvents, mediums, and varnishes for your oil painting is as unique as choosing a colour palette. Depending on your style and technique, there are a wide range of traditional oils, mediums, and solvents to help you control your colour as well as varnishes to protect your work and provide a final finish. Used to modify the rate of drying, increase gloss, improve flow or add texture, mediums should be used in moderation as an additive to the colour.

Choose & combine different types of oil mediums


Primers protect your surfaces and provide a controlled absorption for oil painting. A thorough foundation contributes to a long-lasting artwork.


Oils will modify the colours viscosity, gloss and drying time. Using oils maintains the flexibility of paint films, particularly when working fat over lean.


Used to alter or enhance the characteristics of oil colour, mediums are used to modify the rate of drying, increase gloss, improve flow or add texture.


Used to clean brushes and palettes after painting. Our solvents are mad specifically for artists’ use and are fully volatile, meaning they leave no residual matter once evaporated.


Sealing with a varnish as final step for thoroughly dried artworks, to protect it from the build up of dirt and grease, and the passage of time. Available as sprays or in bottles, and in different finishes.

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