Discover the best medium to get the effect you want.
Discover the best medium to get the effect you want.

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The magic of mediums

The secret to maximising your paints lies in enhancing their qualities. Whether you want to control colour, alter drying times, add gloss or improve flow, choose to be bold and transform your work with the magic of mediums. After all, the creative process is nothing without the opportunity to evolve.

Explore our mediums ranges below

oil mediums


Complement our oil colour ranges with oils, mediums, solvents and varnishes to control, enhance and protect your work.

water mixable oil mediums

Water Mix. Oil

Oils, mediums, solvents and varnishes we have are specifically designed to be used with your Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour.

watercolour mediums


Add effects to your work, mask and preserve areas of underlaying colour or alter paint characteristics with our watercolour mediums.

acrylic mediums


Mediums, gels, modelling paste & varnishes. No colour shift from wet to dry when used with our Professional Acrylic.

acrylic mediums


A versatile and economical range, ideal for students, beginners and large-scale work. Uses the same binder as Galeria Acrylic.

mediums masterclass


A range of short how-to tutorials and tips to guide every artist – created by artists and designers. Learn techniques to help you utilise mediums, solvents and varnishes to unlock the magic of mediums.

sustainable mediums

Better for you, better for the planet

We know handling these chemicals can be tricky, but we're committed to improving the impact of all our mediums, including reducing unnecessary packaging  

100% recycled packaging

Our classic mediums bottles are moving off the shelves to make room for new bottles that are made from recycled plastic. Learn more about our pledge to helping artists make sustainable choices below.