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Using Gouache with stencils

Using Designers Gouache with stencils to create perfectly neat edges with no bleeding.

Video Transcript

0:08    Hi, today I want to show you why Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache works so well with stencils. Gouache has a long history going back 1200 years and is a favourite with commercial artists and illustrators because it is highly opaque and also dries flat.

0:26    I am covering Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour paper, Hot pressed 300 gsm with masking tape. Now I’ll outline my stencil with a 0.3 fineliner. Using a sharp scalpel, I’m going to very carefully cut the masking tape and peel away the tape. With a range of gouache colours I’m going to start painting.

1:13    The colour is now dry, I’m going to carefully peel off the remaining masking tape to reveal the results of the stencil. As you can see the edges are perfectly neat with no bleeding. The colour is flat and lends itself perfectly to being photographed or scanned. This is why gouache is a natural choice of medium when used commercially. And a perfect partner with stencils.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Why not experiment with stencils yourself?