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The Effect of Gloss and Matt Mediums

Using Professional Acrylic Cerulean Blue, we explore the differences between Professional Acrylic Matt and Gloss Mediums. Cerulean Blue is an opaque, bright and lightfast colour which was created in 1805, from a new process which followed the discovery of Cobalt Blue. Cerulean Blue mixes well with other colours and was used by Impressionists in their landscapes; this pigment is actually found in the sky of Monet’s La Gare Saint-Lazare, 1877. When mixed with Acrylic Matt Medium, the flow of the colour is increased, there is no colour shift from wet to dry and the end result is a matt finish. Acrylic Gloss Medium increases the flow as well, there is no colour shift from wet to dry and it creates a shiny, glossy finish. The transparency and flow of both mediums can vary based on how much you use, but the finish will always be either matt or gloss.