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Promarker Watercolour: the basics

Learn the basics of blending and mixing colours with the Promarker Watercolours.

Video Transcript

0:07    Hi, today I want to take you through the basics of blending and mixing colours with the Promarker Watercolours from Winsor & Newton. I’m working on 300gsm Cold Pressed Professional Watercolour paper from Winsor & Newton.

0:23    I’ll start by putting down some colour, Cadmium Red Hue, to one side of this circle. I will now blend in water using a Sable watercolour brush. As you can see, I am creating a good graded wash.

0:43    In the second circle, I’m going to apply colour to the palette directly from the marker and mix with a wet brush. You will instantly notice that this method dilutes the colour considerably. Use this technique for a softer more subtle graded wash.

1:04    I’m filling the third circle with clean water from the brush and applying colour directly from the marker brush nib. As you can see this alternative method to creating a graded wash allows for a very accurate colour application.

1:28    Now let’s look at mixing two colours. This first technique is to add both colours to the paper and then with clean water blend the colours together. Again I’m using Cadmium Red Hue and Cadmium Yellow hue. The result is an intense, vibrant blend. For the second circle I’m applying the colour directly to the palette. This creates a soft subtle blend.

2:04    The technique in the third circle is slightly different. I will add the colours separately and then blend then together with the brush and water. This technique gives you good control over your mix because you can pull in as little, or as much, of each colour as you want.

Why not try these Promarker watercolour blending techniques for yourself? I hope you enjoyed this video.