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Professional Cadmium vs Cadmium-Free Watercolour

Cadmium and Cadmium-Free watercolours are compared here to demonstrate the parity between them. Cadmium colours have been valued historically by artists for their opaque and brilliant colour. Van Gogh, Monet and Mondrian all used cadmiums in their work. Now we have an exceptional quality Cadmium-Free watercolour alternative and two of the colours are compared here: red in Cadmium and Cadmium-Free, and yellow in Cadmium and Cadmium-Free. Cadmium-Free colours have been formulated to match the mass tone, lightfastness and brightness of the cadmiums; they also give the genuine cadmium experience of the original in the weight of the tube. Even when mixing colours, the quality is undiminished and remains comparable to the cadmium version. Finally, for those who wish to try Cadmium-Free watercolours, the AP symbol on the tube certifies that it is a safe material according to the independent experts at the ACMI.