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Mixed Media

Mixed Media works can provide an opportunity to experiment with different materials and see how they work together. This video demonstrates using two different methods to protect areas of a surface so that they can be revealed later: masking tape and masking fluid. Through a step by step process of layering opaque and transparent colours and masking areas with tape and masking fluid, this video shows how you can achieve interesting geometric layering effects with a mixture of materials.

Video Transcript
0:09    Hi there. Today I'm going to demonstrate mixed media materials. Creating abstract painterly layers using opaque and transparent paints using Winsor & Newton acrylic paints, mediums, masking tape, masking fluid and Winsor & Newton quick drying glazing medium with transparent oil pigments. Starting with fluid layers of transparent paint, then building up to thicker layers using opaque and transparent pigments, matte and gloss mediums. I'm using a well gessoed finely sanded surface.

0:44    I’m going to begin with the transparent Winsor & Newton professional acrylic paint such as the Pyrrole Orange I have here and mix with some of the Winsor & Newton flow medium to create a fluid wash which I'll lay down over a full area with a broad brush and allow to dry. Now you can liberally apply some Winsor and Newton masking fluid in an abstract pattern using a pipette. Once dry I’m going to paint over it with the Winsor & Newton opaque acrylic, such as this Cobalt Turquoise Light mixed with a small amount of matte medium. Again, once this dries, peel off the masking fluid to reveal the transparent wash underneath.

1:40    Now, using high-tack quality masking tape in strips, make an abstract geometric pattern covering parts of the transparent yellow and opaque blue. Make sure the tape is pressed and smoothed down properly to avoid any paint or washes bleeding underneath. Next, put down a layer of transparent oil pigment mixed with Winsor and Newton quick drying gloss oil medium. I’ve chosen this transparent lemon yellow mixed with the fast drying glazing medium.

2:12    Use a flat glazing brush to apply the transparent yellow in between the masking tape, brushing slightly over the edge of the tape. Once everything is dry, peel off the masking tape to show an abstract composition of opaque and transparent colours, revealing matte and semi gloss patterns. I hope you found this video useful!