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Metallic Oil Paint

Exploring our range of metallic oil paint, this film shows the variety that can be found in our metallics: we have 6 different metallic oil paints and an Iridescent White. The colours have very different effects when used over light and dark surfaces and, by creating a glaze with these colours, you can highlight specific details in your work, or cover a large area with a glaze that shimmers.

Video Transcript
0:06    Hello, today I'm introducing metallic colours in Winsor & Newton's Artists' Oil Colour range. There are seven different paints in this range. The colours are Pewter, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Renaissance Gold and Iridescent White.

0:27    As you can see, I prepared a canvas board in two colours to show how these look on a light and dark surface. These oil colours are fantastic used straight out of the tube. First here is Pewter, then Silver, and Bronze, a metallic with a hint of green. Now Copper, a warm colour with an orange tone. There are two types of Gold: this Gold is bright and vivid, while Renaissance Gold is warmer and richer. And, finally, a lovely Iridescent White. As you can see, these metallics reflect light beautifully.

1:19    Now, if you would like to thin the colours, you can mix them with solvents, mediums or artists oils that are compatible with oil paint such as Sansodor, Liquin or Linseed Oil. Today I'm using Liquin. You can create a transparent glaze with Liquin and it will dry more quickly than using a slower drying medium or oil. Here is a glaze using the Silver colour, and now one of Gold.

1:54    Iridescent White works particularly well over the dark colour or when painted directly over a light colour it will add a pearly sheen. I hope you enjoy experimenting with these metallics and that they become a useful addition to your regular palette.