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Exploring Acrylic Matt and Gloss Gel Mediums

Our mediums are great additions to your palette to create new effects with your paint without diminishing the strength of your colour, we explore this with Acrylic Matt Gel and Acrylic Gloss Gel mediums. When mixing a medium with paint, as we do here with Matt Gel and Cerulean Blue Chromium, you will notice that there is no colour shift from wet to dry, so you can be sure that the colour you are working with will not shift as it dries and result in a different tone later. We also use Gloss Gel with Permanent Sap Green and Potters Pink to show how you can add this medium to paint to add additional transparency. This allows colours to be layered on top of each other to create a new colour, versus mixing colours together; this is a useful technique for glazing and covering large areas of colour or adding precise accents.