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Blotting out with Promarker Watercolours

Learning the ‘lifting out’ or ‘blotting out’ technique using Promarker Watercolours.

Video Transcript

0:08    Hi, today I want to show you a technique called 'lifting out' or 'blotting out'. Here, I'm creating an abstract shape with the watercolour Promarker from Winsor & Newton. I'm using a dark colour, Prussian Blue Hue to create strong contrast. My paper is Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour paper 300 gsm cold pressed. Finally, I'll finish the shape with a wash of water.

0:41    The colour is now dry. I'm going to use a clean brush and fresh water to create lines and blot out with tissue paper. Now I'll blot out one side of the cube to define the shape even further. By working with just the tip of the brush you can achieve very fine detail. So, as you can see, we have transformed a block of abstract colour into a 3D shape using the 'lifting out' technique to define the edges of the cube.

1:24    It's also a great technique for adding subtle, natural looking areas of light. I'm now creating a circle using Hooker's Green Dark. Again, once dry I will lift out an area of colour using a wet brush and tissue paper. And as you can see we've transformed a flat surface into a 3D sphere.

I Hope you enjoyed the video.