Introducing Metallic Watercolours

Introducing our new Metallic Watercolours which can be used interchangeably with all our current Watercolour ranges, to add highlights and unique shimmering effects. Keep an eye out over the coming weeks as we update this page with Metallic Watercolour tips and techniques.

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Mixing Cotman Metallic Watercolour with regular watercolour

Learn how to elevate colour to the next level and create unique effects such as subtle shimmers, luminous washes and highlights in this simple 6 step exercise that mixes our new Cotman Metallic Watercolour with regular Cotman Watercolour.

Material Matters: Artist Rachel Levitas on using Cotman Metallic Watercolour

 Meet our 12 new metallic colours as artist Rachel Levitas experiments with them for the first time on various surfaces and takes her painting to an “extra dimension”.

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Spotlight on: Silver

A special mix of pigments gives silver paint its metallic shine. Find out more about this eye-catching colour, first used back in the 1400s.

Material Matters: Artist Liz Elton on using Cotman Watercolours

Liz Elton on her ephemeral works made with compostable food waste bags, colour extracted from kitchen waste, and pops of Cotman Watercolour.