Promarker Watercolour

Promarker Watercolour comes in 36 colours, and offers all the attributes of watercolour paint, but in a twin-tipped pen with a flexible brush-tip and a fine point.

Select your colours

Beautiful painterly effects and a range of shades

Create beautiful painterly effects and a range of shades with these wonderfully versatile markers. Use them dry like a regular marker, or experiment with a wet brush to transform the colour into paint. Perfect and convenient for creating gorgeous, expressive artworks on the go. For best results, use them on Winsor & Newton watercolour paper.


Twin-tipped, for greater flexibility

Each marker has a fine point on one end and a flexible brush on the other, helping you create a variety of stunning, sweeping line thicknesses and detailing.

Water-based pigmented ink

The water-based pigmented ink in these markers allows you to return to your work anytime, as you can reactivate the ink with water, even when dry. And thanks to the high-quality pigments, your work will not fade.


Experiment with promarker watercolour, which brings both the bold and sharp qualities of a marker and the subtlety of colours and effects of watercolour paint.

Highly soluble

High solubility with water which allows for the creation of beautiful painterly effects and layering of colours. Explore the range of colours in each marker by adding water to your piece.

For the best results

Use watercolour paper and watercolour brushes when applying water to your illustrations, and use bleed-proof marker paper when applying dry, as a marker.

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