Mixing Cotman Metallic Watercolour with regular watercolour

Step 1

Squeeze Pewter into a palette. It can be used diluted or straight from the tube.

Step 2

Dark colours like Pewter can be used individually to give a sparkling wash of colour.

Step 3

Light shades like Silver or Iridescent Blue can be laid over dry watercolour paint to give subtle highlights. This is Silver over Turquoise.

Step 4

Dilute Yellow Gold for a luminous wash or use neat for gold highlights.

Step 5

Cotman Metallic Watercolour can be mixed with regular Cotman Watercolour to add an iridescent shimmer. This is Yellow Gold and Emerald Green.

Step 6

Bronze and Red Copper give a warm glow. Lay them over dark tones to give a subtle shimmer or use them undiluted to add detail.

Materials used