Three ways to make an impact with inks

Three ways to make an impact with inks

We know a thing or two about Drawing Ink. We’ve been making ours since the 1890s, using the best ingredients to make no less than 26 glorious shades. Here are three ways to use this versatile medium.

Make sweeping lines and bold edges

Some things can’t be achieved with a modern pen, so if you want strong edges and tapered lines, turn to Winsor & Newton inks. Try brushes or dip pens for different effects in your drawing, or you might want to indulge in a spot of calligraphy. Our inks can even be used for airbrushing but be sure to thin them first with deionised water.

Create layers of beautiful colour

We’re proud to say our inks are unsurpassed in strength and brilliance of colour. Except for Liquid Indian Ink, Gold and Silver, all our inks are fast drying, water-resistant and transparent. That means you can overlay different colours to create texture and depth – think metallic earth tones meeting brilliant blue skies.

How about a watercolour effect?

All our inks are fully intermixable and since most of them are also mixable with water, you can easily create a watercolour effect. Even better, the inks will still provide a strength of colour that you can’t achieve with paint.

Artists have been working in ink for centuries, valuing the versatility and range of mark-making this material provides; experiment with ink freely and uncover your own techniques.