How to use mediums with Designers Gouache

Designers gouache

There are a number of acrylic mediums in both gloss and matt variations that can be used with Designers Gouache. However, we recommend experimenting with your chosen medium and colour before committing to a painting.  

There are several factors to consider: 

  • Each colour should be tested by mixing it with the medium and leaving it to dry. There may be a colour reaction between some of the pigments and the medium due to the alkalinity of the acrylic resin. This is most likely to occur with pinks, violets and magentas.
  • There may also be a chemical reaction when mixing the medium and colour. Beware of any granular or gelatinous effects which may occur, again due to the alkalinity of the resin.
  • If you wish to maintain the characteristics of gouache paint, keep the amount of medium to a minimum. If you add too large a proportion of medium this will give the colour a “plastic” look. 
  • Using acrylic mediums, particularly the gloss medium, will increase the transparency of gouache.
  • Water resistance can be achieved by adding small amounts of Acrylic Matt Medium to your Designers Gouache colour.
  • It is also possible to use Acrylic Gesso Primer with Designers Gouache. This will ensure the absorbency and film stability expected for permanent works of art. 

While mediums can be used with Designers Gouache, we recommend experimenting with each colour to see it works for you. Any changes in the paint’s characteristics will be visible on your palette.