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Artists' Oil Colour

Providing the highest quality finish, consistent colour and lightfastness, Artists’ Oil Colour paints deliver with every stroke.

Winton Oil Colour

Our Winton Oil Colour range. Formulated with high quality pigments. Made for painting at scale and transitioning to Artists’ Oil Colour with ease.

Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour

Portable and for use in spaces where solvents aren’t suitable – while retaining the unrivalled performance of our regular oil paints.

Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Colour

Our Griffin Fast Drying Oil Colour range. Formulated to dry faster than standard oil paints. Made for artists who want to work quicker.


Material Matters - Artists-Oil

Material Matters: Jo Volley on using Cadmium-Free Artists’ Oil Colour

Material Matters - Winton-Oil

Material Matters: Artist Karen David on using Winton Oil Colours

Material Matters - Artisan-Oil

Material Matters: Artist Tamsin Relly on using Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour

Material Matters - Griffin-Oil

Material Matters: Artist Adam Dix on using Griffin Alkyd Oil Colour

Exploring Oil Mediums

Blending and Glazing Medium is similar, but it has a lighter body and is the best choice when painting transparent layers of colour, blending colours and staining. It will leave you with a smooth, even surface with minimal brush stroke retention. It is important to consider the results you would like to achieve when choosing a medium, subtle differences can have a remarkable impact.

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