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History of pigments

History of pigments

Discover the evolution of pigments, from clay deposits used in cave paintings to synthesised colours produced by brilliant 19th century chemists.
cobalt blue texture

Spotlight on: Cobalt Blue

Delve into the history of cobalt blue to discover the 19th century origins of this popular, clean blue, useful for muted colour mixes.

Painting in the extreme

Considering taking your painting practice outdoors into extreme conditions? Read our artist interviews for tips on materials and challenges.

Spotlight on vermilion

Brilliant, distinctive and dangerous, vermilion has made its mark on art history over thousands of years. Find out more about this dramatic red.

Spotlight on: Chinese white

Learn more about the subtle, softening properties of Chinese white, an artists’ essential with a special place in Winsor & Newton’s history.

Artists and their brushes

Whether you’re using oil, acrylic or watercolour, the right brush can make all the difference to your work. Six artists reveal their tips.

Spotlight on cadmium yellow

Invigorate your palette with cadmium yellow's beautifully brilliant range of tonal variations, from cadmium lemon to cadmium yellow deep.

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