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Spotlight on: Emerald Green

Discover the troubled history of emerald green, and learn about Winsor & Newton’s non-toxic, brilliant blue-green replacement, Winsor Emerald.

Spotlight on: Pinks

Explore the subtle power of pink in art, from the delicate garments of Early Renaissance religious paintings to Picasso's "Rose Period".

Spotlight on Prussian blue

Created by happy accident, Prussian blue was used by artists including Monet, Constable and Lowry. Learn more about this celebrated colour.
Artist Kyle Gallup in the studio

Spotlight on: Kyle Gallup

See how US artist Kyle Gallup used our vibrant cadmium-free and jewel colour collections to capture her journeys around London's riverscapes.

Spotlight on: Indigo

Dive into the deep blue world of indigo, from its use for centuries as a natural textile dye to the synthetic artists’ pigment created in 1878.

Spotlight on ultramarine

Once considered more precious than gold, ultramarine was often used for the Virgin Mary's robes. Trace the evolution of this special colour.

Spotlight on rose madder

Discover Winsor & Newton's place in the long history of highly prized rose madder, and why we still make it based on a 19th century recipe.

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