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The meaning behind green

From wealth to poison, jealousy to independence. Unravel the many meanings of green with our deep dive.

Colour story: Silver

A special mix of pigments gives silver paint its metallic shine. Find out more about this eye-catching colour, first used back in the 1400s.

Colour story: Zinc White

Discover the history of zinc white, first developed in the 1780s and later made popular for watercolour by Winsor & Newton as Chinese White.
Pyrrole Red

Colour story: Pyrrole Red

Learn how Pyrrole red, famously known as Ferrari red, became an iconic car colour after it was created accidentally by a chemistry professor.
Raw Umber

Colour story: Raw Umber

Discover the story behind the colour raw umber, an artists' go-to for under-painting, monochromatic works and the rendering of shadows.
sepia colour

Colour story: Sepia

A black-brown colour with a reddish tone, sepia is named after the pigment taken from the ink sac of the common cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis.

Colour story: Viridian

Viridian pigment is an intense bluish-green colour. Mixed with yellow, orange or red, it gives life to an impressive range of natural greens.
winsor newton pigments

A colourful history of pigments

From the ancient techniques of grinding rocks into powder to modern synthetic alternatives, we explore some of Winsor & Newton’s most loved pigments.
oxide green

Colour story: Chromium Oxide Green

Commonly used in camouflage paint, chromium oxide green is relied on by artists to make a wide range of greens when mixed with other colours.

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