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Turners Yellow colour

Spotlight on: Turner’s Yellow

During the industrial revolution, as steamships took over from sailing ships and machines replaced manpower, many areas of innovation and technology were taking place including discoveries in new art materials.…
The Colour Gold

Spotlight on: Gold

Gold is one of the most symbolically loaded colours. It’s used to indicate wealth, status and desire across subjects.
Sap Green

Spotlight on: Sap Green

A popular yellow-green colour, sap green was originally a sticky syrup made from unripe buckthorn berry juice and sold in pigs' bladders.
winsor orange colour

Spotlight on: Winsor Orange

Winsor Orange is a single pigment orange, created to be a bold and vibrant orange for artists. Turn to Winsor Orange when you need consistency.

Spotlight on: Scarlet Lake

Scarlett Lake is a vibrant red lake pigment; lake pigments are organic pigments derived from plants or the Mexican cochineal, a small scaled insect.  The cochineal produces a colour that…

Spotlight on: Phthalo Green

Explore the versatility of phthalo green, a pigment that produces everything from transparent, subtle colours to opaque and brilliant ones.

The voyage of Iron Oxide

Iron oxide pigment is one of the oldest colours used by mankind. Discover more about the creation of the earth colours artists rely on.

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