Winsor & Newton in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Arts

We’re proud to have collaborated with the Royal Academy of Arts, London, in 2017. A series of films explored our shared history and artistic heritage, which together represent some of the most defining moments in the story of British art history and innovation over the last 200 years. Our first film was a visit with Royal Academician Christopher Le Brun.

Exploring watercolour

Join Christopher Le Brun in his London studio as he shares his appreciation for the art of watercolour. In this short film he looks back to the great watercolour masters of the past to explore some of the myths of the medium, and reveal its rich potential for artists. Find out how he works with colour as part of his own artistic practice and what he looks for when choosing the best possible watercolour paints for his artworks.

History & heritage

Christopher Le Brun turns to a fellow Royal Academician, and one of the greatest British painting masters of all time, JMW Turner, to understand more about the shared history between Winsor & Newton and the Royal Academy, looking back to the foundations of the company in 1832. Find out more about the close relationship between this pioneering artist and the historical development of materials by Winsor & Newton’s founders.

The Art and Science of Colour

In September 2017, we held an exclusive event called The Art and Science of Colour at the Royal Academy of Arts. Featuring two highly respected artists and a geologist specialising in pigments. This event shed light on the wonderfully complex world of colour – from its scientific origins and historical influences to its modern day stigmas and artistic applications.

Watch the films below to see the event come to life.

One-on-one with the experts

Artist Ian McKeever RA says, "paint has a conscious life of its own." See what our other speakers think about paint and colours in a series of intimate interviews.

A kaleidoscope of perspectives

One geologist. Two professional artists. Three fascinating perspectives. Watch them discuss the origins, history and inspiring qualities of colour.

Making an indelible impression

See passionate discussions, insightful presentations and much more from The Art and Science of Colour event.

One-on-one with the experts

We sat down with artists David Batchelor and Ian McKeever, geologist Ruth Siddall and art historian Ben Street to find out how colour impacts their lives and practices. From the curious origins of a pigment called ‘mummy’ to the transcendental effects of colour, to the joint role Winsor & Newton and the Royal Academy of Arts played in art history, each interviewee offers a unique and deeply personal vision of what colour means to them.

A kaleidoscope of perspectives

We were honoured to have such an accomplished panel speak at The Art and Science of Colour event. David Batchelor, artist and writer, covered society’s paradoxical fear and admiration of colour. Ruth Siddall, geologist, opened our eyes to the fascinating world of organic pigments and polarised light microscopy. And artist Ian McKeever spoke eloquently about the particular qualities of white and black.

Making an indelible impression

The Art and Science of Colour was the second event in the creative partnership between Winsor & Newton and the Royal Academy of Arts. Set inside the opulent Reynolds Room at the Royal Academy of Arts, our trio of colour experts – two artists and a geologist – had the opportunity to discuss colour in all of its breathtaking forms.