Gift an artist a set with a story

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When you give a Winsor & Newton set this season, you're not just giving a gift set; you’re offering a canvas of captivating stories. Ones that are brimming with inspiration, drawn from the generations of artists and makers who have inspired and collaborated with Winsor & Newton over nearly two centuries. Whether they like to draw, paint, design or illustrate, explore our gifting picks below.

promarker gift set

Promarker 96-piece Superbig Box Set

‘The powerhouse of the Winsor & Newton Promarker range.’ ‘A must-have for graphic marker users.’ ‘The ultimate Promarker collection.’ These are just a few ways that artists have described Winsor & Newton’s 96-piece Promarker box set. Used by creatives from industrial designers to fashion illustrators, the set is perfect for every drawing and illustration. And with it, artists have full reign over every colour on the Promarker spectrum.

  • Every colour included
  • Fine and broad dual tips
  • Comes with blender 
  • Versatile on multiple surfaces
  • Sturdy box
  • Ultimate collection
  • Perfect for designers and illustrators

promarker gift set

Promarker 24 Student Designer Set

Offering durability and convenience, the portable Winsor & Newton Promarker Student Designer Set can be carried in your pocket ready for use at any moment. Stand the box upright or lay it flat; it can withstand different modes of handling when you’re on the go. Artists have noted the flat, even results from the markers, perfect for scanning in to create digital designs for embroidery.

  • Fine and broad dual tips
  • Versatile
  • Fast drying
  • Built-to-last colour

promarker gift set

Promarker Brush 48 Essential Collection Set

The Winsor & Newton 48-Promarker Brush Set is a versatile companion for creatives, from fashion illustrators to architects. The Promarker Brush markers are unique, working differently to the original Promarker. These brushes have gestural, flexible Japanese nibs designed for creating sweeping marks and texture. Artists can expect seamless results when using the markers on multiple surfaces, whether they’re sketching, illustrating, or even crafting. With a range of vibrant, neutral and mid-tone colours, it’s a must-have collection for graphic artists wanting to add texture and dimension to their work.

  • Vast range of colours
  • Multiple primary and secondary colours 
  • Flexible Japanese nib
  • Fine and broad dual tips
  • Versatile
  • Fast drying
  • Built-to-last colour 
​ ​    

colouring pencil gift set

Studio Collection Box Set - Mixed

The newly released Studio Collection Box Set is everything a sketcher needs. Artists can draw, colour and even paint on the go with this curated set of pencils and tools, contained in a beautiful box. Find three unique variations of luxuriously soft-textured pencils within one box; with drawing, coloured and watercolour pencils. It is the ideal collection for every style, whether fine-detailed drawings or spontaneous sketches, and everything in between. And with a simple shift, artists can effortlessly transform their dry sketches into expressive watercolour washes, all with the touch of a wet brush.

  • Break-resistant cores and points
  • Soft-texture pencils
  • Wax-based colour and watercolour pencils
  • Clean sharpener
  • Magnetic clasp tin
  • Ready to use 

drawing ink gift set

Drawing Ink Henry Collection Pack

These iconic ink bottles are perfect for illustrators, designers and calligraphists to add to their collection. With illustrated labels for each colour designed by British designer Michael Peters OBE, they’re a bold and beautiful introduction to the world of pen and ink. The inks are intermixable and quick to dry – including the most popular colour in the range, Black Indian Ink.

  • Fast drying
  • Sturdy adhesion 
  • Intermixable colours
  • Water-resistant when dry
  • Excellent transparency
  • Comes with guide
​ ​    

watercolour gift set

Cotman Watercolour Brush Pen Set 12HP

Compact and convenient, this unique pocket-sized set is the only one in the Winsor & Newton range that includes an innovative refillable water brush pen. Eliminating the need for artists to carry a separate water container with them, it's the perfect companion for on-the-go creativity for both watercolourists and illustrators.

  • Built-in refillable water reservoir 
  • Affordable
  • Excellent tinting strength 
  • Features mixing palette

watercolour gift set

Cotman Watercolour 8HP Metallic Pocket Set

This one is for those who love to create works that shine. These metallic paints add vibrancy, highlights and shimmering effects to artwork. The colours can be used on their own, in tandem with existing watercolours or even with acrylics and gouache. It’s the perfect set for creatives who love to explore new things.

  • Shimmering pigments
  • Uniform consistency
  • Portable
  • Comes with travel brush
  • Permanence 

watercolour gift set

Professional Watercolour Field Pocket Set

The portable travel tin is a Winsor & Newton icon. It comes complete with colours that have been embraced by historical greats such as John Constable to none other than King Charles himself. It’s a must-have pocket set that provides everything watercolourists need when aspiring to capture their surroundings outdoors or while on the move.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Thumb-ring
  • Space for brush
  • Suitable for outdoor painting

watercolour gift set

Professional Watercolour Tube Studio Case

This complete, giftable set includes everything a watercolour artist requires. The wooden box is an excellent storage solution for art materials, complete with paper, brushes, accessories and vibrant watercolours. It’s an ideal choice for the dedicated watercolour enthusiast, whether they like to paint from the comfort of their home or while on the go.

  • Complete set
  • Storage space for materials
  • Watercolour equipment
  • Wooden case

oil painting gift set

Artists' Oil Colour Studio Set

This oil painting set has been crafted for artists who want to paint wherever they choose to position their easel. Equally, it’s ideal for those seeking to explore the world of high-quality oil painting and materials. The box is crafted from wood and finished with a smooth satin finish, making it a robust companion that artists can carry with them for life.

  • Complete oil set
  • Lightfast and permanent colours
  • Outstanding tinting strength
  • Long lasting box for storage and carrying

series 7 brush gift

Series 7 Brush

The iconic Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Brushes is the ultimate luxury gift for artists. They are renowned for their precise rolled dome shape, each is handmade in our Lowestoft Brush Factory. The Size 7 comes in a beautifully presented box with gold lettering. The standards of quality for this brush were set in 1866, when Her Majesty Queen Victoria, a keen artist, asked Winsor & Newton to produce the very finest watercolour brushes in her favourite size. She awarded Winsor & Newton the Royal Warrant in 1841 – something we still hold to this day.

  • Precise dome shape
  • Unparalleled ability to hold water
  • Presented in a black presentation box 
  • Handmade in England