Find the perfect gifts for fellow artists this season

gifts for artists

Searching for a thoughtful gift for a fellow artist? Opt for a luxurious present they wouldn’t think to buy themselves with our range of premium products that make an envious addition to any creative’s studio. Whether you’re looking for materials that stand the test of time, or you simply want to spoil them, read on for our top picks this season.

Series 7 Brush

If the artist in your life is after a quality brush, look no further than the Series 7. They’ll be using Queen Victoria’s preferred brush, the Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Brush. Handmade from only the finest hair, it is known for its precisely rolled dome shape with a seamless point. Select sizes (the 7,8,9 and 10) come in a beautifully presented box with gold lettering, making them the perfect gift for those who appreciate luxury and longevity.

Promarker set of 96 Markers

With this comprehensive, sought-after bumper set, artists can discover a full spectrum of twin-tipped Promarker pens. Whether using the fine bullet nib for line work and detailing or the broad nib for larger visuals, artists can expect a smooth, streak-free finish. The set comes with the Promarker Blender, a must-have tool for achieving different colour tones in their work.

Cotman Metallic Watercolour Set

Cotman Metallic Watercolour are perfect for the holiday gifting season. This set combines the expressiveness of watercolour with the vibrant opulence of an iridescent sheen. The Watercolour Metallic pigments can be used interchangeably with our other watercolour ranges to add highlights and unique shimmering effects to new or existing pieces. It’s the optimal gift for artists looking to transform their style or add shimmering embellishments to their work.

Professional Watercolour Set of 24

If you’re buying for an artist who loves to paint outdoors, on the go or between home and studio spaces, this complete travel tin is the perfect fit. Made up of 24 Professional Watercolours, the set features a high concentration of pigments for lightfastness and permanence. The practical two-sided tin features palettes for water, mixing different colours and tinting individual colours, along with a thumb ring in the base and space for a brush.

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