Distinguished Amateurs in the Graphic Arts was a series of articles published by Winsor & Newton in the 1950s. Now housed in our archives, it’s an exciting way to discover famous figures with surprising artistic talents. Queen Victoria, a woman of considerable abilities, favoured Winsor & Newton materials above all others. This article reveals how her husband, Prince Albert, had considerable artistic flair too.

Albert created many etchings and drawings in his lifetime. His love of Winsor & Newton materials is reason enough for celebration but it was the prince’s Great Exhibition that brought us even greater cause for pride. When it opened to the public in 1851, we were there showcasing the world’s first moist watercolours, and had the honour of winning the only medal awarded at the event for artists’ colours.

Such an accolade came only after years of trial and research in order to perfect every single product. Much has changed over the years, but that same diligence and care is still practised today. We search tirelessly for the best pigments and raw materials and we still craft our paints in the same unwavering pursuit of perfection.