Artists' Oil Colour

Formulated with the finest pigments for beautiful colours with excellent tinting strength; use thickly or thin to a very fine glaze. Available in 133 colours.

Latest colours

We’re proud to introduce eight new single pigment Artists’ Oil Colours. Five are inspired by our archive and three are contemporary colours. The historical colours are Ruby Madder Alizarin, Ultramarine Pink, Smalt, Oriental Blue and Warm Brown Pink; the contemporary colours are Transparent Orange, Mineral Laque Orange and Mineral Green Deep.

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Innovation in action

Created by our chemists in collaboration with artists, we are proud to offer 9 Cadmium-Free Artists’ Oil Colours.  As we developed this formula it was tried and tested by artists to ensure it matched the vibrancy, opacity, lightfastness, and permanence of traditional cadmium colours.

Artist Oil

Why single pigment colours?

We craft our colours from single pigments wherever possible to create individual colours; this ensures clean, accurate mixing. There are more than 80 single pigment colours in the range, so you can mix new variations with confidence.

Orange laque Mineral

Consistent production, reliable results

Our perfectly formulated oil paint is only possible because it holds over 190 years of research, expertise, and the highest quality production methods. The scientific processes we follow guarantees that every colour will be the same high-quality paint every time.

Oriental Blue

It’s all in the ratio

Every tube of Artists’ Oil Paint contains a calculated ratio of oil and pigment based on the quantity of oil in the tube. This varies from colour to colour because, just as some pigments need to be ground finer than others, they also need more, or less, oil to provide optimal performance.

Mineral Green

Lightfast and permanent

Paintings last well beyond our lifetime if the materials you choose allow for that. Years from now, for your work to be seen as you intend it to be, your materials need to be lightfast (not fade from exposure to light) and permanent (not change over time).  So that you can trust in the longevity of your work, our oil colours are tested for these qualities and have some of the best ratings (at least AA or A).

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