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‘Paul Klee’ | Oil Transfer Drawing Technique

This masterclass illustrates an oil transfer technique often used by artist Paul Klee. Using Winsor & Newton hot-pressed watercolour paper as a base, take a sheet of copier paper and cover one side with a dark oil colour; here we use Artists’ Oil Colour in Ivory Black. Placing the paper with the freshly painted side down, add a clean sheet of copier on top and tape both down to avoid movement. Then draw with a pen or pencil on the top paper, the painted sheet below acts like a carbon sheet and transfers the marks to the watercolour paper. The result is a fractured oil line which will act as a resist to watercolour when it is painted on top. We used watercolours in Winsor Blue and Quinacridone Red to demonstrate how the oil line stays undisturbed even with multiple layers of watercolour. This is a great way to combine linear marks with washes of watercolour.