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Indian Yellow and Indian Yellow Deep

Indian Yellow and Indian Yellow Deep are unique colours, with quite a history. Indian Yellow was originally created by feeding cows a diet of mango leaves and collecting the uniquely coloured urine that they produced. The luminescent colour was a favourite of renowned painter JMW Turner, which is unsurprising as he was known as ‘the painter of light’. Modern day production no longer involves cows, but still creates a fantastic colour with the same qualities as the original. The difference between the two shades of Indian Yellow are readily apparent; Indian Yellow is an energetic colour with a clear brilliance, and Indian Yellow Deep has the same vibrancy but with a darker, richer tone. We open up both yellows here with Sansodor so you can see the range of colour they provide as they are thinned out. Their transparency makes them great choices for layering or as a glaze to add tone and depth to your work.