Art & Science

Winsor & Newton is built on art and science. Our art materials are developed and manufactured by a team of modern ‘colourmen’ with a background in chemistry, who create colours and materials which provide quality – and inspiration.

Great artists lead to great materials

When Winsor & Newton first set out to provide artists with the best possible materials, artists including JMW Turner gave them insight and a wealth of professional experience. Since then, we have collaborated with artists and institutions around the world to promote fine art and encourage emerging talent.

Our laboratory has two artists’ studios next to it so that artists in residence can exchange ideas and experiences with our chemists, collaborating to develop perfect paintings and perfect materials.

Artists are on our staff throughout the business, playing their part in technical, engineering and marketing departments.

Over the years, this approach coupled with more than a century and a half of knowledge and experience, has led to several developments in colours and materials. Products such as Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Colour, the oil colour medium Liquin and iconic drawing inks have had a major impact on the way artists work.

One specific breakthrough was the introduction of our Professional Acrylic range (previously Artists’ Acrylic), which saw the creation of a unique transparent binder. Artists can now easily match colours from palette to canvas, allowing them to see a painting as it will look when it is finished.

Creative spaces for creative people

We’re excited to discover and nurture creativity, and we’re committed to creating space for artistic innovation, imagination and collaboration. We are a key partner in The Fine Art Collective (TFAC), a programme that supports emerging talent in universities around the world. Winsor & Newton TFAC workshops provide hands-on experience of our materials and the opportunity to try out new techniques.

In addition, we support the new Elephant Academy in London with beginner and taster courses in watercolour, acrylic and oil, taught by award-winning artists, and our in-house art studios host resident artists who work alongside our chemists to make sure we have an easy dialogue, bringing art and science together