Create an architectural rendering of a floor plan

Interior designer artist and architect Yana Hrachova takes us through the simple steps of how to illustrate an architectural rendering of a floor plan. We’ve suggested materials below but don’t be afraid to mix up the objects and colours to add some personal touches. 

You’ll need: 


Start by sketching the floor plan in graphite pencil. We recommend using a ruler or straight edge to draw accurate lines. 

Once your sketch is complete, begin applying watercolour washes to the walls and floor. Here, Yana has used Raw Umber and Payne’s Gray but use any colours of your choice.  

Next, apply colour to the furniture, fixtures, and objects, you’ll see it really starts to come to life. You may want to start with a light colour palette and then build up the painting with more intense colours as you add details.  

Using a small brush (such as the Professional Watercolour Synthetic Sable Brush, Size 00) apply Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber to the parquet boards and doors. Remember to build up the layers of paint to create depth and texture.  

Finally, when the watercolour paint is dry, use a 0.1 Fineliner to outline the furniture items and decor in your floorplan and add the remaining intricate details.   

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