Gifts for artists & people who love to paint

Whether you’re looking for art materials to give to a budding artist or the perfect present for a professional painter, discover our top picks for gifts to buy this season. We’ve done the hard work for you and consulted our experts to curate a list of the best gifts guaranteed to inspire the creative people in your life. These choices are a must for any fine artist’s collection.


Cotman Watercolour Landscape Pocket Set


This portable pocket-sized set is the perfect affordable option for artists new to watercolour and a staple collection for more experienced painters. With 8 quality Cotman pigments, a travel brush and space for 4 more colours, it’s been carefully curated by professional artists for creating landscape works.


Cotman Watercolour Floral Pocket Set



This pocket-sized set has been curated for artists who want to paint florals. From Cadmium Yellow Hue to Permanent Rose, the 8 colours also come with a travel brush and space for 4 more colours to allow for personalisation.


Cotman Watercolour Skyscape Pocket Set


These 8 Cotman Watercolours are carefully crafted for artists looking to paint dramatic skies. Ranging from Cerulean Blue to Indigo and Payne’s Gray, these colours can be used to develop a diverse range of atmospheric skyscapes.


Professional Watercolour Lightweight Sketchers’ Box Set – Set of 12


This set of 12 tubes allows for greater vibrancy in the artist’s practice and is suited to those utilising a larger quantity of paint. Made from a high concentration of fine art pigments, tube colours are a great choice for larger works and for laying out a field of colour.


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