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An introduction to oil painting

An introduction to oil painting

Oil painting can seem daunting at first, but really, it’s such a simple process. You only need a few materials to begin and as you progress, you can add more tools to your repertoire.
Gold Ochre

Spotlight on: Gold Ochre

Gold Ochre is a distinctive, reddish, golden yellow from the ochre family. The name ‘ochre’ originates from the Greek meaning ‘pale yellow’.
Alpay Efe

Our Featured Artist: Alpay Efe

Alpay Efe is a painter who lives and works in Germany. With years of practice, Alpay has mastered oil painting and creates immensely beautiful and astonishing pieces of work.
Red Ochre

Spotlight on: Red Ochre

Red Ochre is quite possibly the first colour to be used as paint. It can be found globally in the Americas, Africa, Europe, Japan and in particular in the Southern hemisphere.

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