Pigment Marker 6 Set Vibrant

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  • For the most vibrant representation of the full Pigment Marker colour spectrum, we have curated a set to include Phthalo Teal Light, Sap Green, Lemon Yellow, Scarlet and Magenta (Red Shade). The free White Blender that comes with this set opens up further colour possibilities, extending the tonality of each shade and allowing full colour graduation. For maximum vibrancy and effortless blending, use each colour with Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker Paper. With its interlocking case, you can easily attach this set to others, building your Pigment Marker collection at your own pace.
    • Product Code0290046
    • Nib Shape(s)Fine & Broad
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$ 24.99

Pigment Marker Phthalo Teal Light

Colour Number 067

Lightfastness (ASTM) A

Product Code 0202067

Pigment(s) PG36, PG7, PB15:3

Nib Shape(s) Fine & Broad

Pigment Marker Sap Green

Colour Number 599

Lightfastness (ASTM) A

Product Code 0202599

Pigment(s) PY83, PG7, PBk7

Nib Shape(s) Fine & Broad

Pigment Marker Lemon Yellow

Colour Number 346

Lightfastness (ASTM) A

Product Code 0202346

Pigment(s) PY74

Nib Shape(s) Fine & Broad

Pigment Marker Scarlet

Colour Number 601

Lightfastness (ASTM) A

Product Code 0202601

Pigment(s) PR188

Nib Shape(s) Fine & Broad

Pigment Marker Magenta (Red Shade)

Colour Number 023

Lightfastness (ASTM) A

Product Code 0202023

Pigment(s) PR122, PR221

Nib Shape(s) Fine & Broad

Pigment Marker White Blender

Colour Number 163

Lightfastness (ASTM) AA

Product Code 0202163

Pigment(s) PW6

Nib Shape(s) Fine & Broad

What goes into the Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker™?
Each Pigment Marker is made with Winsor & Newton’s signature artist-grade pigments.

What is the difference between dye-based and pigment-based inks?
Dyes are not lightfast. They dissolve to form solution in the ink, which strikes into the paper more deeply.  Pigments are lightfast and made up of small particles which are finely dispersed in the ink. They tend to sit on the paper surface. Most existing markers are dye-alcohol blends, but Pigment Marker has broken away from this trend. 

What do the lightfast ratings mean on each marker?
Every colour has been given an ‘A’ rating for lightfastness, which equates to 100 years without fading or changing colour when kept in normal gallery conditions. White Blender is the only marker rated 'AA' due to its pigment and opacity. The Colourless Blender has no rating because it contains no colour.

Is Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker™ waterproof?

Is Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker™ acid-free?

Can I reactivate work created with Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker™ once it has dried?
This will depend on the paper used and how absorbent it is. Pigment Marker Paper is recommended, as it allows you to easily reactivate work when dry. 

What do the colour numbers on the cap stand for?
The codes refer to a specific Winsor & Newton colour, some of which also exist in our marker, acrylic, water colour and oil ranges.  This does not mean that Pigment Marker can be mixed with the corresponding paint colours, but rather that the same Winsor & Newton colour shades exist across our ranges. 

Can I use Pigment Marker with other media, like water colour or oil?
This is not recommended. The binder used in the formula of any given paint will block the Pigment Marker nib. However, Pigment Marker works with graphite pencils, and further experimentation is always encouraged. 

What is White Blender made of? 
White Blender contains White Titanium Dioxide pigment, which adds white opacity to any colour. This is different from conventional clear blenders which are made from solvents, and not from pigments.

How do I clean the nibs on White Blender and Colourless Blender?
Both Blenders can be easily cleaned by writing on a clean sheet of paper until the pigment flow returns to its original colour. While the colour on the nib might not totally disappear, the Blender will not transmit colour onto paper if thoroughly cleaned in this way. 

Are refills available?

What surfaces are best for Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker™ use?
Pigment Marker was developed for use on paper and, more specifically, the bespoke Pigment Marker Paper. Above all, the surface must be smooth so as not to damage the nibs.

Will Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker™ work on standard bleedproof marker paper?
Bleedproof paper is designed for dye-alcohol markers, which are extremely fast-drying and bleed through paper. Pigment Marker does not bleed through and is slower-drying; therefore, performance will be compromised due the paper’s high absorbency.