Eclipse Brushes

Made from blended natural hair, Eclipse has a perfect balance between stiff and soft hair brushes. Designed for oil colour, Eclipse Brushes have slightly more body and snap than red sable, but are softer than hog bristle while minimizes brush strokes and making them ideal for subtle blending and fine glazing. Highly resilient and responsive, the brushes are perfect for lightly thinned oil colour.

Eclipse Brushes feature a double-bodied handle which provides stability and comfort. It offers a balanced grip at the tail as well as below the ferrule, making it perfect for both easel painting and close-up work.

Handles: Available with double-bodied handle

Head shapes: Round, Short Flat/Bright, Double-Thick Bright, Filbert, Double-Thick Filbert, Thick Fan, Glazing. The Double Thick head shapes have extra hair for extra durability and colour carrying capacity.

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