We’re pleased to be supporting our partner QUEERCIRCLE as they launch their new community space and begin a program for young artists. Based in a re-invented part of London, the Greenwich Design District, QUEERCIRCLE is part of a movement to establish an inclusive hub of arts and culture where all are welcome.

The making of a community project

Ever wondered what it takes for an artist to turn an initial idea into an immersive art experience? We went behind the scenes with artist Michaela Yearwood-Dan as she prepared for her solo exhibition, ‘Let me Hold You’ at QUEERCIRCLE. Watch now.

Let Me Hold You: how one artist brought a community together

“There’s a pressure to be both unique and to conform and around comparison, which is super difficult to navigate.” Discover the narrative around Michaela’s process, her challenges and how it can be a valuable insight for other artists wanting to follow a similar course.


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Winsor & Newton X QUEERCIRCLE

It has been exciting to establish this partnership with QUEERCIRCLE, especially as their inaugural year has a theme of ecology running through the programming.  Bringing all of this together under one roof is a tremendous feat and being a part of the hive of creativity that is in the heart of the new Greenwich Design District only adds to the buzz around QUEERCIRCLE.  We can’t wait to see what the artists learning and working in this space do with our materials!

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Michaela Yearwood-Dan

Featured Artist: Michaela Yearwood-Dan

Michaela Yearwood-Dan makes vibrant, playful works exploring class, race, gender and nature. She tells us why she finds painting so exciting.