Watercolour Sets: New Packaging

100% recycled plastic box, All boxes are now white.

Watercolour Sets: We’re moving to 100% recycled plastic

As part of our ongoing sustainability journey as a B Corp certified brand, we’re transitioning the packaging of our Watercolour Sets to 100% recycled plastic.

We’ve taken a step towards environmental responsibility by transitioning all our virgin ABS plastic watercolour sets to be crafted entirely from 100% recycled plastic (rABS). The impact on our products is minimal as the plastic boxes will largely remain the same. There is a very slight colour difference between ABS and rABS plastic, with the latter being slightly whiter.

Our decision to make this transition is rooted in our understanding of the evolving needs and preferences of our customers. As a leading watercolour brand, we are committed to setting the standard in providing more sustainable options to our consumers.


Winsor & Newton Watercolour Field Sets

The new 100% recycled plastic boxes for the Watercolour Field Sets have changed from blue to white but rest assured that the contents remain unchanged.

During this transitional phase, you may still receive the old set, or packaging that shows a different colour box than what is inside, as we sell through our remaining stock and aim to minimise any waste.

We appreciate your continued support and are excited to embark on this sustainable journey together. As we strive for a more environmentally conscious future, we remain committed to providing you with exceptional products that reflect your values.

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