watercolour mediums

Watercolour Mediums

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Add effects to your watercolours, mask areas to preserve the original underlaying colour or alter the colour characteristics by adding mediums and additives.

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Providing limitless opportunities

Watercolour Mediums are used to create an even wider variety of techniques and effects for your work; from increasing drying time, improving flow and changing gloss and texture, they provide limitless opportunities. The Winsor & Newton range also includes art masking fluids to keep areas of the paper white.

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Better for you, better for the planet

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Myth-busting watercolour mediums: common misconceptions debunked

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Choose & combine different types of watercolour mediums


Add a small amount of medium to your colours to impart the desired properties to the watercolour.


Effect auxiliaries enrich your watercolour painting adding for instance pearlescence or helping to lift paint off.

Masking fluids

Apply to paper where you want to preserve its original colour. Protects the areas you do not want to paint.

Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic is a proven for modifying watercolours and gouache. It also binds pigments well and can be used as temporary transport shield for brushes.

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