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Oils | Solutions to Avoid Under-binding

Diluted oil colours can be used to create transparent layers, pools of colour and watercolour-like washes without damaging the integrity of the paint. The key is to avoid diluting your colours with solvent because that will result in under-binding, poor adhesion and loss of colour saturation. To counteract this, you can add extra binding strength by creating a mixture of linseed oil (a small amount) and sansodor. You can prepare and store this mixture in a jar to use as you need it. Alternatively, mixing stand oil with your paint before adding a solvent will also preserve the integrity of your paint. Liquin Light Gel or Liquin Original can be added to colour before diluting it with sansodor. Finally, if you want to keep the paint workable on your surface longer, you can also add blending medium to slow the drying time of your paint and create a wash effect with oils. All these suggestions allow you to experiment with the way you use oils but preserve the integrity of the material.